June 30, 2021

When faced with a toxic workplace culture, we can tend to check out, act out, or walk out. The spiral of negativity doesn’t end there. We pass it on to our families, friends, and communities. 


It doesn’t have to be this way. 


Organizational life can also elevate us. It can inspire and enable us to be better as part of a collective than we could ever be alone. More connected, more impactful, more energized. More of our best selves. 


Organizational culture is a leverage point for impact on enterprises, economies, and the environment… and also for people, their families and communities. Change your company, change the world. 


That’s why we do what we do. At Riverbank™, we energize and engineer organizations to unleash human potential. 


How we do it is just as exciting. 


We believe that knowledge without execution is useless. You need know-how and know-do. Our clients can count on an approach that is inspired and informed by award-winning management science, and grounded in decades of executive experience on our project teams. 


We feel a profound ethical responsibility to keep our promises to our clients. Some firms bring in the experienced folks to close the deal — and then hand it over to the young guns to get it done, if they can. Our executive consultants — all with extensive corporate leadership pedigree -roll up their sleeves and stay with our clients all the way to the finish line. 


We leave — but not too soon. This shouldn’t be special. But so many firms have built their business model from creating dependence on their services. Their goal is to run projects that never end. Or they create a splash but then call it a day without putting the pieces in place for sustained transformation. From the outset, we declare that we are here to bring about a change, and set things up for lasting success — and then taper out to let the organization carry it forward. And we do, with pride. 


And so, we are hiring. We need to find a missing piece in our puzzle. We want someone to be embedded in our client projects, to make everything click. Someone with the quality of character to work with C-suite executives and grassroots client project teams at the same time. A real team player who makes the rest of the Riverbank team better, and our caring and collaborative culture even more meaningful and fun. 


Riverbank is not for everyone. Is it for you? 


Apply here: https://lnkd.in/eVHBpCG  


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