Our Work

We don’t change your culture. You do.

We strive to make a difference where it matters most to the bottom line and to the lives of everyone involved.
Our customized approach helps you define and implement a strategy that is grounded in both theory and practice.
We partner with you to build the leadership and organizational capacity for scalable, sustained culture change.

Strategy Consulting

Culture change can be hard. If you have a vision for your company or part of it, and are having a hard time getting there, you may start to feel that your organization’s current way of working together is holding you back. Your organization might be facing common challenges such as:

  • • Signs of low engagement and/or morale among staff
  • A lack of cooperation and collaboration – or even people actively working against each other
  • Difficulty aligning team members toward the same vision or goals
  • A company culture that seems resistant to almost any proposed change

A partnership with Riverbank can help you understand the root causes of these roadblocks, giving you a set of research-based and actionable recommendations on how to change your company’s culture for the better. Our goal is to help align and energize your organization toward your vision.

We rarely go into an organization and try to change individual people. Instead, we work to create systems of interaction that create better cultural outcomes over time. It is the riverbank that largely determines which way the water will flow. If you change the formation of a riverbank, the water flows in a different direction. We will work with you to discover the best structure for your organization’s riverbanks, to make your vision and your people flow.


We believe the process of cultural change needs to be authentic and human.

We believe open communication at all levels of an organization is the foundation for sustainable change.

We believe an organization’s leaders often have the raw ability to create cultural change, but they may need support and coaching to make it work in practice. 

We believe in the management science of how people can thrive at work. Creating cultural change can be hard, but it is worth it.

We believe we can help people and organizations see their own true potential, unlocking resources that always existed but they never knew they had. 

Our strategy implementation services allow us to partner with you as you undertake the challenging and rewarding process of cultural change.  We walk alongside you as coaches, energizers, problem-solvers and designers to make sure that your strategy sticks.

leaDership development

Positive leadership is necessary to create lasting cultural change. However, positive leadership does not just happen by accident: It has to be learned and practiced. We design programs and systems for existing and aspiring leaders to learn and implement research-based techniques that create a cohesive and generative culture.

Also including train-the-trainer programs, peer-to-peer leadership development systems, our offerings are highly customized to match your organization’s needs at all levels. 

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