Welcome to the Strong Circles Year 2 Microsite, where you can access all of the resources references in Strong Circles Year 2. 


Please note: Unless noted as “in-session,” the resources highlighted here are for optional further learning at your individual discretion, not required components of the Strong Circles program. All of these resources should be available for free via the links accompanying them. Harvard Business Review (HBR) allows one free article per month, so there is no more than one article from HBR per session.

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Session 1: Highlight Reel

How To Do Walking Meetings Right

The Energy Audit Exercise (exercise starts on page 17)

In-Session Video

Session 3: Personal Thriving

Monica Worline and Jane Dutton, published February 20, 2017

8 Ways Managers Can Support Employee's Mental Health

Happiness at Work Quiz

Healthy Workplaces: A Model for Action

Dignity is the Bedrock for Workplace Belonging

Ten Reasons People Resist Change

How to Unlock Positive Change Throughout Your Entire Organization

What Kind of Changemaker Are You?

In-Session Article: Can You Create Change From the Bottom Up?

Overcome Barriers to Organizational Change

Session 8: Unit 2 Capstone

How Organizational Change Disrupts Our Sense of Self

10 Ways to Cope with Big Changes

Bring Out the Best in Yourself and Others with Strengths-Spotting

VIA Character Strengths Survey

The Feedback Fallacy

How to Love Criticism

Latest Research Says Praising Employees Boosts Productivity After All

Social Identity Wheel

In-Session Video